San Diego Fit Faves: April Round Up


In San Diego, we are blessed with a lot of things: sunny skies, beautiful beaches, an endless supply of avocado toast, and of course, a ton of fitness studios and gyms. There is no shortage of fantastic spots to punch, spin, stretch, lift, run (don’t forget about the trails and beaches) and sweat it out. I love exploring new spots around town, meeting new people, and keeping my body guessing.

I was recently talking to my husband about the insane amount of choices when it comes to fitness. I want to go everywhere and try everything, but there is just not enough time in the day! I personally have two memberships, several class packages, and ClassPass (fabulous for travel too) in order to fully diversify my routine and visit new spots.

Between fun workouts with Sweat Pink San Diego and sweat dates I’ve been able to try some truly unique spots the last few months.

Pure Barre Del Mar

Something about barre has always intimidated me. Growing up playing competitive soccer, I’ve always been used to big movements, heavy weight, long strides, and pushing my body to the max. But barre is a bit different. Workouts are done mostly by performing isometric exercises and small movements that “burn out” muscles. Be prepared to be exhausted and sore from head to toe. I couldn’t move for two days after my first class, but my glutes, core, and quads felt stronger.

I recently took a class with owner Mandy at Pure Barre Del Mar. The one-hour full-body workout was broken up into different strength sections focused on areas we women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, glutes, abdominals, and arms. Each torture (I am means strength) section is followed by a stretching. Pure bliss.

Throughout class my body literally shook like crazy – completely normal. The shake were my muscles way of saying “holy cow what’s going on?!” But, that didn’t scare me away. I loved the shake so much I bought a ten pack.

Pure Barre San Diego

Barre is such an amazing addition to add to any fitness routine. My biggest shock was hearing that some members go 4-5 days/week. My glutes are sore just thinking about it 🙂

Title Boxing Club Carlsbad

Believe it or not, I used to be quite the boxer. My mom and took classes at a gym when I was a teenager.  There’s nothing more empowering than punching, kicking, and screaming your way through a great workout. There are several reasons to take up boxing, but one of my favorites is the extra cardio. I’m elevating my heart rate, sweating, and not spending time staring at the clock.

I recently visited Title Boxing Club Carlsbad with the ladies of Sweat Pink San Diego. The team at Title was fantastic and led everyone through a challenging class. The workout included a 10-minute warm up, eight rounds of boxing, and a 10-minute core session. With 40+ bags and a huge entry area there is plenty of space to mingle before or after class.


With two Title Boxing locations in San Diego, Carlsbad and North Park, there is no excuse not to find a class time that works for your schedule. And don’t miss out, your first class is FREE.

Soul Cycle

Alright San Diego – it finally happened! SoulCycle opened in La Jolla in March. Before the grand opening I heard reviews from friends and watched video clips online. Is Soul Cycle as amazing as people say it is? Is it worth the price tag?

I joined Sweat Pink San Diego for two rides before grand opening. Walking into the studio I was immediately greeted by a friendly team, bright yellow, and chic retail. The studio itself is beautiful, with full showers and lockers (with charging station). I was not prepared for the size of the cycling room, half the size of what I’m used to. Be prepared to get acquired with your bike neighbor, less than an arm’s length away.


The instructors at SoulCycle UTC are incredible. They’ve trained hard for that coveted SoulCycle instructor title, starting with a relocation to New York City to train with the corporate team. Living the dream.

The Soul Cycle Ride

I loved the energy and positivity in the room. It felt more like a therapy session than a fitness class. I was truly in the zone and a closed my eyes a few times – completely at peace with myself and the music. However, I did have a few challenges with the ride itself. The majority of the ride is spent out of the saddle. I couldn’t believe the RPM targets for some of these sprint songs. I watched the instructor’s legs in awe. I also found the room very warm, likely due to the tight quarters.

Overall SoulCycle is a fabulous ride, and being at UTC mall it makes for the perfect cycling date with a friend. My recommendation would be to wear light clothing, bring plenty of water, arrive early to get situated comfortably on your bike, and book a spot near a fan (there are pictures when booking on the app). And remember – go at your own pace. It’s ok to sit 🙂 More great tips here.

Stay tuned for more sweaty adventures around San Diego. What are some of our favorite workout spots?

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