Fitness Studios and the Power of Community


I joined my first gym at age thirteen. Determined to excel on the soccer field I signed up for boxing classes, spin, and clocked extra time on the treadmill. After countless punches and sprints I started introducing myself to others, and even found a few accountability buddies to meet for class. The small gym became my after-school retreat and community. Sure it was close to school, but what kept me coming back (even at age 13!) were the friendly people that had similar goals – to be healthy and strong.

Over the last month, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about community. More specifically, the fitness community. There’s something special about it – twenty (or so) sweaty bodies in one spot pushing one another, smiling, high-fiving, and sending out positive energy.

Cycling with Sweat Pink San Diego

When I walk into a studio/gym for the first time, this positive energy is the first thing I look for. Sure, the location, amenities, and workout style or instructor might bring me to the studio for the first time, but what keeps me coming back is the energy, friendliness, and fun competition. My favorite studios have become my go-to sweaty spots not only because I leave feeling like I got a great workout, but because I exit feeling empowered, strong, and part of something special.

What keeps you coming back to a studio/gym? Location, music, amenities, a killer workout, instructor, competition, etc.? For some it may even be a specific goal: weight loss, mile time, or a first date with the hottie on treadmill four 🙂 Whatever got you there in the first place, there is something in particular that will keep you coming back: community. Do you feel welcomed? Do you feel like you are part of something BIG?

Needless to stay, I’ve been on a mission to find my #fitfam since I was thirteen 🙂 Living in San Diego I’ve found fabulous studios and studio owners working tirelessly to create a positive environment and community for members and drop-ins.

Before heading to a new fitness studio for the studio time, I encourage you to talk to the owner/manager, ask your friends, and take a look at their website and social media channels. Community is always my main focus before booking my first class. What have they created that will keep people coming back? Community is also something unique to the San Diego fitness scene. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging, no matter your fitness level. Drop in for a class, grab a coffee, hang out, and have some fun. I love making sweat dates and have met some amazing people at studios all around town.

Below are some studios I’ve tried recently, and I encourage you to explore and book a class outside your comfort zone, or even across town to mix it up. I use Yelp, ClassPass, Instagram, and good old word-of-mouth to find out about awesome new spots. Let me know if you have some favorites!


Believe it or not, 66% of people that have gym memberships never use them! What?! This is why it is SO important for studios and gyms to create a sense of community for their members. When that happens, you and me keep coming back, and start inviting our friends. Sweat date anyone?


And if you’re a bit nervous to try a new workout or studio (I know I am sometimes), drop me a line below or send along a message on Instagram. I’d love to get to know you. Let’s build our fitness community, together!



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