How to be Fearless


Over the last few weeks I have come to my computer to write, only to draw a blank. You ever have that? Brain fart 🙂 Truth is, the last few weeks have been pretty tough for my husband and I. I’ve debated writing about some of it, and being real and open about the not so fun stuff.  Still, a blank…

I started this blog to connect with other like-minded people through fitness, fun, and food. That is still the goal (and I love it!), but with 2018 quickly approaching, I’ve decided to start evolving my content a tad. Have no fear, fitness and fun is still coming at ya! But, I want you to get to know me, the REAL me. I’m excited to try new recipes, explore foodie spots, and have fun, but I also cannot wait to get to know YOU, challenge YOU, encourage YOU, and become a friend.

How to be Fearless

Last week, I stumbled upon this quote from Taylor Swift, “Being fearless is about having a lot of fears, but you jump anyway.” Being fearless to me means a lot of things. It means having fears, but moving forward anyway. It’s about taking risks, having faith, being brave, and more often than not – uncomfortable. We all have fears. For example, I fear spiders (eww), crowded spaces, and heights. But I also fear rejection, stepping on the scale when I’m not feeling so hot, and not being a good mom (when the time comes).

But, I’ve decided to live a life without fear and without the weight of “what if” on my shoulders. In 2018 I choose to be fearless, and to surround myself with people who support my goals and make me a better person. I challenge you to do the same!


  • What is your biggest challenge in 2018? Write it down.
  • How will you prepare yourself to conquer this challenge? 
  • Who are your supporters? Who can help you conquer this challenge? Make a coffee date or write them a note. Share your goals with this person and ask for the support you will need to triumph!

Head over to SELF

I recently created a section on my blog called “Self,” an area for you to find content about self-improvement, empowerment, body love, and being your best self. As a woman I think about these topics a lot. In fact, they were the topic for the documentary, Embrace, which I highly encourage you to watch. I was awestruck by the number of women globally suffering with their own body image. 

What can you do today to be fearless? Sometimes it’s as simple as waking up for an early workout. Setting your alarm clock, getting out of bed, and making it to the gym – I would argue that this simple act is pretty brave.

In 2018 do something that challenges you. Be fearless! Be bold! The only thing to fear (at least in this example) is a tough workout with friendly people.

What is your biggest challenge in 2018? Let me know below. I’d love to support you!


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  1. I LOVE this new tab and this positivity you are spreading online and IRL. Can’t wait to read and spread it all in 2018!