The Power of Patience


In February, I started my yoga teacher training journey. I can remember coming to my mat to teach with my omies for the first time thinking, “wow this is much harder than it looks.” I knew the words, the flow, and what came next, yet when it came to actually speaking and adjusting my mind and hands went numb. I’m never at a loss for words (my husband would concur), so this is a rarity.

My yoga practice has grown tremendously since my first class. But yoga is just that, a practice. Every flow is an opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally. I do not strive for perfection. I only seek what my body needs in that moment: breath, calm, peace, or….YTT was an opportunity to deepen my practice, and also begin a new adventure of personal growth. The abundance of information was (and is) overwhelming. Everything from anatomy, history, and adjustments to sequencing, music, and receiving feedback.

As an instructor my goal always is to be my most authentic self, to be a friendly and welcoming face, and help you experience the same joy yoga has brought to me. To fulfill this goal I’ve learned the power of one thing: patience. Patience with myself, my practice, and my development as an instructor. Even the most successful teachers started somewhere.

As a culture we are in a constant state of movement. Where to next? Work, school, errands, the gym, etc. Our daily life is so focused on the next step that we sometimes forget to stop and embrace the moment. “Yea…I just stepped in dog poop” (hey, it happens) or “I’m just going to sit here in savasana for five minutes because it feels amazing.” Do it. I promise, everything will still be the same AFTER you gave yourself five minutes to be in the NOW, even if it means wiping dog poop from your shoe. That stinks (no pun intended).


What does dog poop have to do with being patient? I promise this story has a point, and yes, it involves yoga too. You see, yoga has taught me the power of patience. There are moments I want to give up in my teaching. But, then I remember…I am so lucky to be here, right NOW! Everyday is an opportunity to grow as an instructor, yogi, and person. I am learning how to be patient with teaching, my body, and my voice.

Patience definition: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I challenge you this week to find power in “patience.” How can you embrace change, support others, and tackle something completely new?

And if you happen to step in dog poop, remember…patience 🙂

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