Seattle Fitness Studios and Gyms with Childcare

Getting in a good sweat with kiddos in tow can be a challenge. In addition to mommy and daddy being a bit tired, there’s the added complexity of nap times, feeding schedules, commuting with a child, and childcare availability. After my son was born, Barre3 was my haven. Benji’s nap schedule aligned just perfectly with class times, and he snoozed...
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Own Your Health – Postpartum Care

The day my son was born is still a bit of a blur. I rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom, and noticed I was soaking wet. “Hmm…did my water break?” I had the expectation that fluid would be gushing everywhere like a waterfall. Not so much. Within an hour my contractions were strong and close together. At the hospital...
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Work / Life Balance as a Working Parent

The last few months have been a bit of a blur. I’ve started and stopped writing a dozen times, easily distracted by work emails, Benji’s giggles, or the cushy pillows on my bed 🙂  Parenthood is challenging, insanely challenging. My husband and I balance daycare drop off/pick up, two demanding work schedules, family time, dog walks, cleaning up the house,...
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